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Wondering if you're pregnant? Not sure what to do?

Facing an unplanned pregnancy means dealing with a lot of questions. At Mya Women’s Center, we talk with you confidentially about any questions you have, to help you think through your options (440-990-9107). At Mya Women’s Center, you are our first priority—your health and emotional well-being are what is most important to our medical staff. Our professional staff is specially trained to serve a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy. We offer the support you need to make the best decision for your circumstance: the testing (free pregnancy tests and free ultrasound) and options consultation (including abortion information). Our goal is to empower women by providing quality services tailored to each patient. Choosing to carry your baby to full-term or choosing a pregnancy termination means considering the short-term and long-term questions or concerns you have about either choice. We help you think through the outcomes of your decision, at a time when making decisions might be difficult.

Your Advocate

By calling 440-990-9107, you will schedule an appointment with a trained Patient Advocate, who will often see you the same or next day.

Personalized Assessments

Upon completion of your free pregnancy test and free ultrasound exam, your Advocate will create a customized list of referrals on your Personalized Solutions Assessment. She will schedule a follow-up appointment if necessary and will answer any additional questions or concerns you might have.


Questions you may be asking if you’re considering an abortion: Does an abortion hurt? Do I need to know if I have a STD before I get an abortion? Am I really pregnant? How far along am I? How much does an abortion cost?

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